We’re Excited to Announce…

Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill is coming to Twickenham Square!

Cajun Steamer

The 3,000-square-foot plus Cajun Steamer will feature an outdoor patio and is on track to open late spring.  This will be the chain’s first Huntsville location.

According to its website, the food menu includes everything from Po Boys and oysters to Cajun-inspired salads.  On the drink side,  Cajun Steamer features over 15 specialty martinis and cocktails plus assorted wine and beer.

Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill also has locations in Birmingham as well as Franklin, Tenn.  For more information, please visit their website:  www.cajunsteamer.com

Please check back for more updates on Twickenham Square in the coming weeks!

photo credit:Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill


21 thoughts on “We’re Excited to Announce…

  1. Does Huntsville really need another chain restaurant? What about some individual, unique places, chef owned and food prepared fresh, local, and raised humanely?

    • This will only be its 4th establishment. There is one I’m Trussville, Hoover, and Franklin TN.

      I don’t this this counts as your typical Chain Restaraunt.

      This is more like Rosies ans Los Trojas having several locations.

      • Well that is fried grossness. I am from Birmingham and you don’t know what you are missing. You are luck to have a Cajun Steamer coming. This offers steamed good for you food. Not fried crap.

    • I agree. Don’t listen to them. Huntsville lacks this. Cotton row really? Is that it? That is what I say everyday here. The problem is support. You people have had several opportunities to support restaurants that thrive in other places. Ketchup/Dolce etc. the Tavern. Culture lacking here. The lack of support is what is killing these opportunities. A bunch of engineers with no identity. You have no sub cities. No areas. No neighborhoods. It’s like boom… houses around a Rocket center with no plan.

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  3. Its something new to the area. Stop being so pessimistic. Be glad its not another restaurant we already have!! Expand your horizons and perspective. I’m glad they chose to come here. Itll be good for Huntsville to have an assortment of places to choose from.

  4. Birmingham has a multitude of great restaurants that would like to come here when they read articles on the economy here. The problem is the culture here. There are not enough people who care about good food and fine dining. Restaurant owners talk, and the talk is “Stay Away” from Huntsville. There is no area for a niche. You guys are shaken and thrown around everywhere. Someone grab the reigns and start a neighborhood with artsy cool people who will support things. I live here now, and would enjoy meeting people who want to diversify Huntsville and make a difference. Any suggestions?

    Birmingham Restaurants include:
    Hot and Hot Fish Club
    El Barrio
    Trattoria Centrale
    Chez lulu
    Brick and Tin
    Chez Fonfon
    Cafe Dupont
    Daniel George
    Saws Juke Joint

    All these places are independently owned and operated and are unreal and fantastic.

    You guys have Applebees and Chilis and a Target in the middle of a farm.

    These sound like insults, but they are not. Something has to be done to create a place for the young professionals that deserve to get some diversity. Why do these restaurants thrive in Birmingham but refuse to give Huntsville a try? (Besides you Sam, former owner of the Tavern at Bridgestreet….. that you guys didn’t support). Because there is no safe bet in opening a restaurant in a particular area. There are no areas

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