If you watched the Super Bowl this year then you probably saw RadioShack’s commercial with references to ’80’s pop culture.   The store pokes fun at itself for being stuck in the ’80’s (to see the commercial click on the video below), but it is also announcing that it is a new company with a new concept.

According to RadioShack, “The store aims to attract tech-hungry shoppers who will find a new level of products, service and excitement in a store that makes the buying experience fun.”  How does it plan to do this?  With featuring brands such as:  Apple, Samsung and HTC while allowing customers “to find and compare products, such as a speaker wall, with touch-screen devices installed on the floor” and make “shopping interesting and playful”.

The new RadioShack concept store will be joining the ranks of Dunkin Donuts, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches and a high-end nail salon at the new development, Legacy Marketplace, in Jones Valley which plans to open this spring.  The development is across from SuperTarget in southeast Huntsville and right beside Kohl’s Department Store.

If you like the co-tenancy in this center and have ideas about what you would like to see in the remaining 1,800 SF please let us know.  We welcome comments on both our Facebook page and this blog!


Legacy Marketplace – Where RadioShack Makes its Comeback

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