Crestwood Medical Center to Expand Emergency Room

In North Alabama, the wait times at four of the largest hospitals are Decatur-Morgan – 45 minutes, Crestwood – 47 minutes, Athens-Limestone – 48 minutes and Huntsville Hospital- 60 minutes according to data provided by ER Wait Watcher.

crestwood hospital

According to an article published by WAFF 48’s Jim Abath, construction is about to begin at Crestwood Medical Center on a new E.R. expansion, “one that should cut down on their 47-minute average wait time. “We have a lot of sick patients who come through,” said Director of Marketing Lori Light. “We’re seeing a lot of cardiac, a lot of respiratory, flu, a lot of critical patients that require a lot of testing, and many of them are admitted to the hospital, so that does increase the time that they are in the hospital, and it may mean that other patients have to wait a little bit longer”.

If you or someone you know would like to lease medical space in the adjoining, newly remodeled Crestwood Professional Center, please give us a call at (256) 536-8809. This is a great opportunity to be in direct access with this award-winning hospital.


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