Office Trends: Collaborative Environments


The VIBE, Downtown Huntsville. Photo Credit:

Collaborative work environments continues to be a key emphasis in major cities such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Collaboration enhances knowledge sharing, thereby improving productivity and innovation (at least in theory).  So what does this have to do with Huntsville?

The VIBE Downtown, presented by UAHuntsville College of Business Administration, an initiative of BizTech and Downtown Huntsville Inc., is the area’s first collaborative work environment for business professionals.  It was launched in May at 125 North Side Square and “[offers] a mix environment, dedicated to making your work enjoyable. We have thought of just about of everything, from charging outlets and lap desks to wireless laser printing and business publications, The VIBE Downtown is your place to be productive before and after hours, meet up with friends and colleagues or collaborate with others.” –The VIBE Downtown

With this growing trend, what could this possibly mean for Huntsville and the commercial real estate market?

“Tenants are downsizing their offices, particularly larger public firms, as they increasingly adopt policies for sharing non-dedicated offices and implement technology to support their employees’ ability to work anywhere and anytime,” according to Norm G. Miller, PhD, a professor at the University of San Diego, Burnham-Moores, Center for Real Estate.

Huntsville is a growing city and we think this office trend is only going to continue.  Please call Crunkleton & Associates for all of your office needs at (256) 536-8809.


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