Huntsville Speaks! “What could get YOU to spend more time downtown?”


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Downtown Huntsville is exploding right now with new retail developments, restaurants, luxury apartment complexes and events that range from high-tech laser light shows to summer art walks, but we want to know what would make YOU spend more time downtown?

Let’s face it, we’re in the business of commercial real estate here; our entire business is driven by always trying to understand what people want and then helping connect them with the perfect entrepreneur to meet their needs.  That’s why we’ve created “Huntsville Speaks.”  We want to hear from you Huntsville!  Tell us your thoughts, give us your suggestions and shoot us your ideas!  This month we want to know:

“What could get you to spend more time downtown?”

Between Twickenham Square, The Avenue, and numerous other forthcoming retail developments downtown, we have such an amazing opportunity right now in our city to work together and reshape our downtown into the community we’ve always dreamed of.  But we can’t do it without you!  We want to know what stores, restaurants, boutiques, venues, or just plain old spaces/places/things would inspire you to spend more time downtown!

Leave us a comment on this post, or on our Facebook page and let us hear what you have to say!

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33 thoughts on “Huntsville Speaks! “What could get YOU to spend more time downtown?”

  1. A small, one or two screen movie theater with an attached bar/restaurant (think something like Asheville Brewing) would be a huge draw, if everyone I’ve talked to is to be believed. The old Crossroads location would be ideal for it, given the size. Similarly, a nice arcade could attract younger folks downtown.

  2. Create a smaller weekend bus route using the existing bus system. Have a few pick up spots so that e folks can safety travel to downtown areas and back to their pick up spots.

  3. I second the movie theater and agree that the old Crossroads building would be ideal. More venues for local music. Apartments built in a style that matches the historic character of downtown. More projects that involve restoring buildings to their historic original beauty. Subletting larger properties in smaller portions that would appeal to locally-owned businesses.

  4. A bigger, more modern coffee shop with fast wifi and outlets where business meetings, techies, and professionals can go. A Cup Of Everything is too small. Cozy Cow is too far from downtown. Maybe make this place double as an artsy, character-filled bar at night.

  5. Off the top of my head Huntsville needs a Cinema Cafe, a comedy club, a paint-your-own-pottery/sculpting studio, a music venue, and a video game arcade.

  6. 1) Better connectivity between the downtown areas we have. Five Points, Courthouse Square, Twickenham, Lowe Mill, Merrimack Hall — these might as well all be different cities from a connectivity point of view.

    2) All those empty buildings near the square: fill them with ground floor small retail, second floor offices and upper floor residential for a true urban feel.

    3) More small scale greenspace, like pocket parks and rooftop gardens. Make places for people to linger and enjoy themselves.

  7. A place where college students can come have a drink that’s not too loud with some casual live music, and NON SMOKING. Find a mix between not a club but not horrible music and expensive drinks

  8. I am excited about all the development going on in the downtown area. It seems we have plenty of restaurant/retail/ condos/apartments projects being built. I’d like to see more entertainment or attractions. I agree with previous posters about the gas station and movie theater, preferably one where you can order food and eat dinner while you watch the show.

  9. Here are some things that would draw me to downtown more frequently:

    1) Single or Two screen movie theater downtown with an attached bar. Think Mission Theater or Bagdad theater in Portland, OR.

    2) An arcade bar featuring arcade video games and a bar for those 21+. Ground Kontrol in Portland, OR does this amazingly well.

    3) Relaxing coffee lounge / cafe that would be perfect for after hours work or quite gatherings with friends.

    4) A “Bike Bar” that tours you around downtown.

    5) Rockclimbing gym or even just a gym in general.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide you feedback.

    -Joel Carpenter

  10. -Rollerblading and bike rentals (like at the beach). Fun, different and active. Allows people to actually get around the whole area and engage, verse, parking and going to one place of business, then leaving. Drive commerce and foot traffic in multiple places, in a really neat, unique, healthy way!

    -Bowling Alley

    -Arcade for the kids.

    -Lots of outdoor seating at restaurants. Rooftop dining!!! A rooftop cafe! A cafe that actually has GOOD and real coffee that comes in a mug. There is nowhere in Huntsville to truly get good coffee, in a real cafe setting.

    -Affordable, tendy, historic style living that young people (whose business you’re trying to gain) can afford. Downtown living is an automatic traffic driver.

  11. 1) I would love for downtown Huntsville to bring back movies in the park. Not just playing black and white movies but more recent movie releases.
    2) A Lounge! Not a bar or club, but a true lounge for young professionals in the city to have networking events. I.e., day parties on Saturdays to mix and mingle and corporate events.
    3) Affordable living! Totally agree with some of the other post! I refuse to pay $1500 for less than 1,000sq.ft. Downtown is great ,but for that much I can purchase ~2,000sq.ft. Home
    4) Arcade would be nice…
    5) Open mic night in the park!
    *6) Friendlier atmosphere! I’m a native of Huntsville and have experienced negative interaction from some of the local businesses and restaurants!!!!! *

  12. Love downtown Huntsville…love love love …but we need stores down there! Shopping!!! Clothing,sporting goods, antiques! Turn one of those empty stores into a,Short North like Columbus OH! Will bring in major tourism which means jobs and big money!

  13. I think a community garden to help feed homeless people would be awesome. Schools could take kids there to help maintain the garden and people could donate the plants and seeds. Other cities have done this successfully and since Huntsville is such a great place to grow food I think it would be awesome. 🙂

  14. 1. Classy Singles lounge. …
    2. Arcade …. (Adult and teenage nights)
    3. Jazz and Country live entertainment. .
    4. A small petting zoo for small animals for families to sit and watch performances or feed the animals. ..even adopt or showcase a pet….
    5. Can we get a upscale, classy club that is not racist and has GREAT Food and entertainment. With changing types of of entertainment every two weeks.

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  18. Live acoustic, jazz, or classical music at dinner and brunch. More of a variety of bars (desserts, whiskey, bourban) and ethnic restaurants (Thai, Mexican, Korean, Indian) with outdoor seating. More activities to linger in downtown like Spirited Art, 2nd & Charles (used bookstores), a small movie theater, gift stores/clothing boutiques that stay open past 5.

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