Sneak Peek: Upcoming Retail Developments in Huntsville!

I think the best thing about working for a commercial real estate firm has to be, always being in the know about all the exciting new developments in town!  I mean did you know that over the course of the next three years, Huntsville will be adding roughly 2,097,632 SF of new retail space to the Huntsville market!  That’s huge!

Here’s a sneak peek inside all the exciting developments that are going on right now in Huntsville and some of the brand new retailers they are bringing to town!




Downtown & Southeast Huntsville

The Crossing in Jones Valley


Location: Carl T. Jones & Ledges Drive

Total Retail Space: 400,000+ SF over all the phases of the project

Completion Date: 2017 (Phase One)

Lendon of Huntsville


Location: Carl T. Jones & Comerby Dr SE

Total Retail Space: 62,800 SF

Completion Date: Unknown

The Shops at Merchant Walk


Location: Bob Wallace & Memorial Parkway

Total Retail Space: 134,576 SF

Completion Date: 2015

The Avenue

The Avenue - FullRes

Location: Holmes Ave & Jefferson St

Total Retail Space: 21,000 SF

Completion Date: 2016

City Centre


Location: Williams Ave & Gallatin St

Total Retail Space: 31,000 SF

Completion Date: 2016



Location: Memorial Parkway & Clinton Aave

Total Retail Space: 63,320 SF

Completion Date: Unknown

Twickenham Square


Location: Pelham Ave & Gallatin St

Total Retail Space: 56,177 SF

Completion Date: 2014/2015


Central Huntsville

Parkside Town Centre


Location: Research Park Blvd

Total Retail Space: 170,879 SF

Completion Date: 2016

The Gateway

redstone aerial 350dpi

Location: I-565 & Rideout Road

Total Retail Space: 80,000 SF over all phases of the project

Completion Date: 2015 (phase one)


North Huntsville

At Home – Kmart Redevelopment


Location: 1401 N. Memorial Parkway

Total Retail Space: 112,000 SF

Completion Date: Fall 2015

Walmart Supercenter Development


Location: Winchester Road & Homer Nance Rd

Total Retail Space: 182,000 SF

Completion Date: 2016



Strong Station


Location: Nance Rd & Highway 72

Total Retail Space: 156,880 SF

Completion Date: 2015

Midtown Marketplace


Location: Wall Triana Hwy & Browns Ferry Rd

Total Retail Space: 114,000 SF

Completion Date: 2015/2016

Town Madison


Location: I-565 & Zierdt Rd

Total Retail Space: 625,000 SF

Completion Date: 2016/2017

Of course with every new development comes the possibility of new retail stores for Huntsville as well! Here are just a few of the great new to the Huntsville retailers that have opened or will be opening over the course of 2014/2015 and the list just keeps getting longer every day! We’re so excited to welcome these great retailers to our city!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.34.27 AM

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