The Pants Store Is Coming To Twickenham Square In Downtown Huntsville!

Crunkleton & Associates is excited to announce that The Pants Store will be joining the Twickenham Square shopping center in downtown Huntsville!

The Pants Store was originally founded by Mr. Taylor Gee in 1950, who started out as a pants jobber selling pants out of the trunk of his car. Every day he would climb into his Mercury and drive throughout the Southeast selling his pants to retailers.

Eventually, people began shopping at his warehouse in Leeds, Alabama and milling through his pant bins for pants. Then, at some point, people just started referring to the place as “The Pants Store” and the name stuck.

With the working motto of “Stack Em High, Sell Em Cheap” Taylor Gee built a thriving business by providing quality clothing at a fraction of his competitors’ costs. However, his over-the-top promotions didn’t always sit well with some of the store’s competitors. According to Mickey Gee, Taylor’s son, the Leeds store held a 24-hour-a-day sale event that sent buses emblazed with The Pants Store advertising winding through downtown Birmingham to ferry shoppers to Leeds. “Harold Blach (of the upscale Blach’s Department Store) would go ballistic when we would drive those buses downtown,” said Mickey Gee in a 2006 interview with the Birmingham Business Journal.

Blach at one point even challenged Gee’s advertising campaign, which boasted a 100,000-pair inventory. After lodging a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, an auditing team was sent to the Leeds store to count their pants. The unfortunate auditors wanted to stop counting once they reached 200,000 pairs, but eventually held out for a count nearing 350,000. The best part of the story is however, that after finishing their count, the auditors stayed and ended up buying several dozen pairs of pants each.

Over the years, the store has undergone minor changes to stay current with the times, but The Pants Store has always stayed in the Gee family, passing from Taylor Gee, to his son Mickey Gee and then from Mickey onto his two sons Michael and John Gee, who currently run the store today.

A casual lifestyle store for the whole family, The Pants Store now provides, not only pants, but also a wide variety of industrial clothing brands, and carries everything from socks to shoes to women’s apparel at four locations around the Southeast. The new Twickenham Square location will mark their fifth store and their first location in Huntsville Alabama!

The company carries brands such as Ugg, Southern Marsh, Miss Me, and Mountain Khakis, just to name a few, and plans to open it’s doors here in Huntsville at Twickenham Square in September of this year.

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