Something Interesting This Way Comes To Downtown Huntsville

Have you always wanted to organize a giant water ballon battle downtown, or commission a piece of public art, hold a giant dance party on the square, set the guinness world record for largest game of capture the flag, make improvements to a public space, create a neighborhood art project, or maybe give back to your community in a unique way?

Well Huntsville your time has come to rise up, dust off those ideas, dream big and put that awesome plan into action because Downtown Huntsville Inc and PNC Bank have teamed up to give away 12 $504 grants for creative placemaking projects in Downtown Huntsville!  Here’s what you need to know:

What Exactly Is Creative Placemaking?

Simply put creative placemaking is about shaping the physical and social character of a neighborhood.  It animates public spaces, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, and brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire and be inspired.  Need some inspiration? Check out this link Here, Here or Here for some great examples!

Why $504 Dollars?

Computer error code 504 means that your system is running slowly and needs a change.  So by giving away these 12 $504 grants, DHI and PNC Bank are hoping to speed up innovation in the Downtown Huntsville area.

What Areas Of Huntsville Count As Downtown?

According to Downtown Huntsville Inc, any of the Downtown districts they list on their website are up for grabs.  You can view what exactly this includes on their website HERE.

Are There Any Guidelines For What You Can Do With The Grant?

There’s really only one guideline for submission ideas and that is:
Your idea must be free/open for anyone to attend/experience/enjoy!

How Do I Apply?

Applying for one of the 12 grants is easy.  All you’ll need to do is email a one-page proposal to or drop it by the DHI office by 6pm on June 30th.  Be sure your proposal is only one-page though, because if it’s just one word over it won’t be eligible for consideration.

When Will The Grant Winners Be Announced?

Grants will be given away throughout the year, but the first round of recipients will be announced on DHI’s social media July 7th!

For more information on the grants check out DHI’s Event Page or listen to the video below as Katie Wright lays out all the details for you!

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