Holmes & Greene Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

After sitting as a vacant lot for years, the corner of Holmes Ave and Greene St in Downtown Huntsville is about to get a new lease on life as a mixed-use retail/office development.

225 Holmes 02

“The redevelopment of this significant corner represents another important step in the revitalization of Downtown Huntsville,” said Chad Emerson, president of Downtown Huntsville Inc. “The exciting vision for this building will make it a signature, mixed-use development in the city center.”

Located across the street from Below the Radar, Sip and Old Town Beer Exchange, 225 Holmes hopes to help solidify the corner of Holmes Ave and Greene St as a vibrant Downtown dining and entertainment destination for the City of Huntsville.

“Not only will the building at 225 Holmes Avenue expand the professional base in heart of the City, it will also be designed to expand the dining and entertainment options and activate a portion of the downtown area that has been underutilized up till now,” said Rob Van Peursum of Nola|VanPeursem, head architects for the project.

As a mixed-use development, the building will feature approximately 32,000 SF of retail and office space with the possibility for more restaurant/event space on a tentative, third floor, rooftop patio.

“We want to help further the ongoing efforts to revitalize the downtown area that are already happening and to continue bringing more specialty restaurants and retail to Downtown Huntsville,” said Anusha Alapati, broker for Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate Group.

However, “in order to keep growing Downtown Huntsville retail, we need to also continue expanding the downtown office market,” explained Eric St. John, broker for Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate Group. “And this project will do exactly that by easily increasing the daytime/business workforce population in the Downtown area by  150-200 jobs. That’s 150-200 more people coming Downtown, every day, to potentially patronize the surrounding businesses and boost the downtown economy.”

Construction on the building is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016. The first major tenant for the building will be announced at the groundbreaking ceremony later this year.

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