Pet Supplies Plus Coming To Madison In April!

Residents in Madison will soon have a new pet supply store where they can stock up on brand name food, pet toys, necessities, and much more. Pet Supplies Plus, a pet store franchise headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, will open a location in Madison at 4577 Wall Triana Highway.

Ray Bellenfant and his wife Ronda will head the store’s opening as its co-owners with more than 20 years of local business experience under their belts.

“Pet Supplies Plus has the third-largest volume in the pet food retail industry,” stated Ray. “And they are very close to taking over number two. We are thrilled to give Madison even more access to quality food and supplies for their pets.”

The leadership team at Pet Supplies Plus in Madison.

Today, Pet Supplies Plus has 425 locations operating in 33 states, offering a large variety of products at a great value to ensure pets’ overall wellness. Additionally, experienced and knowledgeable team members are available on-site to answer a broad range of questions about dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and fish. Pet Supplies Plus currently has shops in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. However, this will be the first site to open in the Huntsville/Madison area.

“Our love for helping animals runs deep.”

“When we discovered the opportunity to run a franchise for Pet Supplies Plus, we knew it was a perfect fit,” said Ray. “We have been involved in franchises since 1995 and this one offered us a unique chance to be involved with a company that’s driven by an important cause—the wellbeing of animals.”

Experience alone isn’t the only thing that makes Ray and Ronda the ideal team to manage the store. The pair currently holds the record for most pets owned by anyone who has opened a Pet Supplies Plus location.

“At the time of the agreement, we had four horses, four donkeys, six dogs, five cats, and a fish,” laughed Ray. “We also foster for A New Leash On Life and make periodic donations to the organization. Helping animals is something we’ve always made a priority. Our family has always had a love for them.”

The new store will be another way that Ray and Ronda plan to give back to the community and the animals they care for.

“They are more than customers—they are our neighbors,” said Ray. Pet Supplies Plus neighbors, nationwide, come into the stores with their pets so frequently, they become like family. “We can’t wait to meet each and every owner and their beloved pets.”

“Our goal is to take the hassle out of shopping for your pet,” said Ray. “We plan on having several services that help the local animal community and the owners who love them.”

Soon after their official opening, the pet store will be able to host fundraisers by partnering with local school teams/clubs or churches to help them earn funds for different causes.

“Instead of a car wash, it’s a pet wash,” joked Ray. “We will provide the necessary supplies they need to make the fundraiser a success.”

A New Leash On Life will also host some adoption events at the store and periodic fundraisers will allow customers to come in, purchase any item and donate it to the animal shelter or charity of their choice.

“We’ll make sure the donated items are delivered to the right charity,” assured Ronda. “Anyone with a heart to give will be able to do so without any hassle involved. That’s what you do for your neighbor—you help them out. We just make the process a little easier.”

Pet Supplies Plus website.

“We offer quality products at a quality price.”

Pet Supplies Plus will carry brand-name products and match prices.“We strive to deliver quality customer service with a neighborhood feel,” said Ray. “You can be assured that you will purchase products for the lowest prices in the market. And we have plans to incorporate other services that will make life easier for our neighbors.”

“We strive to deliver quality customer service with a neighborhood feel,” said Ray. “You can be assured that you will purchase products for the lowest prices in the market. And we have plans to incorporate other services that will make life easier for our neighbors.”

In addition to pet grooming, the shop will have a VIP pick-up area with designated parking for customers on-the-go.

“Basically, you order online, park your car, and we deliver it to your vehicle,” explained Ray. “Veterinarians will also be coming to the store on certain days to a clinic we will have at the back of the store.”

An agreement with local, quality vets will allow the store to offer services like microchipping, vaccines, and more.

“Come see us in April!”

Be sure to drop by the new store in Madison when they have their soft opening this April. Ray and Ronda are ready to meet their new neighbors—and their pets too, of course.

“We hope you all come meet us soon and we will strive to give you the best customer care for your pets,” assured Ray. “They are an important part of the family, and we will help ensure they are taken care of. Great customer care and a neighborhood feel—that’s what we will provide.”

The Grand Opening is currently scheduled for May 11-13.

For more information on Pet Supplies Plus, please visit

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