“Baby Bite Bake Shoppe” Announces New Huntsville Location!

Very soon, Huntsville will welcome its newest bakery to Westbury Square on Airport Road. Get ready to taste a little bit of heaven at Baby Bite Bake Shoppe!

The specialty bakery will offer made-from-scratch, bite-sized cakes that are already the talk of the town in Birmingham. After Baby Bites spent several years as the “scrumptious treat-of-choice” at Pastry Art Bake Shoppe in Homewood and Inverness, creators of the popular dessert saw the opportunity to branch out and highlight their best-selling item by introducing an all-new bakery.

Emily Sharman, who will be Baby Bite’s co-owner and manager, was working with Pastry Art owners Carol and Dennis Gregg when she was presented with the opportunity of opening her own bakery.

“When I graduated college, we discussed me opening a shop that highlighted one of their proprietary products—Baby Bites,” said Emily. “Carol has created a unique baked item that centers on freshness, quality, and variety. We knew we could expand to other markets by showcasing Baby Bites and creating the Baby Bite Bake Shoppe.”

With a loyal following already established in Huntsville, Emily committed to making the new bakery a reality and plans to open its doors in late January 2018.

Photo credit: Baby Bite Bake Shoppe

What is a “Baby Bite?”

Achieving the ideal cake-to-icing ratio on baked goods is an art form—one that Pastry Art has taken the time to perfect. A new twist on the traditional petit four, “Baby Bites” are a unique creation that serve as a delectable treat for occasions of every kind and a wonderful alternative to a full cake.

“Many of the people who visit Pastry Art come just to grab a dozen Baby Bites of different flavors for client meetings, family get-togethers, or gifts,” said Emily.

Based on the success of the Birmingham stores, the potential for the product as a stand-alone offering was evident. As plans were laid out, Carol and Dennis fully supported Emily’s vision to branch out with the Baby Bite product and create a new kind of bakery with a signature vibe.

“And if you’re looking for a way to personalize events, Baby Bites are the perfect choice,” she said. “They can be customized with flowers, drizzles, monograms, or logos to make every gathering special.”

Strictly a grab-and-go shop, Baby Bites will have plenty of products available to choose from each and every day.

“Anyone can customize their box to have whatever flavors they prefer,” assured Emily. “Get twelve different ones in your order if you like! It’s a cost-effective way to sample our entire inventory. But we are betting that you’ll have a hard time choosing a favorite.”

Photo credit: Baby Bite Bake Shoppe

Why Huntsville?

As a Birmingham native, Emily immediately noticed something special about the Huntsville area on her visit to scout potential locations.

“The first thing that stood out to us was the community feel and welcoming attitude of the city,” she explained. “Being a part of Huntsville as it grows will be a privilege, and we believe it’s the perfect place to start a new business. Everything about it made us feel comfortable and confident with our decision.”

After weeks of searching, Emily and the team settled on the 1,320 square foot space at Westbury Square.

“The fact that our store would already be in a booming shopping center was exciting,” said Emily. “There’s great parking, ample traffic, and we think we will be bringing in a perfect spot for an after-lunch treat. Plus, it’s centrally located to many of Huntsville’s highlights.”

In addition to its focus on community, Huntsville sparked the team’s interest because of its enthusiasm for the culinary arts.

“Of course we want to be in a city that already loves and appreciates quality food,” said Emily. “Events like Taste of Huntsville and Huntsville Restaurant Week will offer us yet another avenue to share our Baby Bites and get customers excited about our product.”

Photo credit: Baby Bite Bake Shoppe

What will the bakery be like?

Caramel, Turtle, Strawberry Margarita, Key Lime, Coconut, and Italian Cream—you can order all of these flavors and more at Baby Bite Bake Shoppe!

“We have more than twenty Baby Bite flavors available, with daily specials and seasonal bites drawing in new crowds each week,” explained Emily. “We usually offer nine flavors to choose from each day. Red velvet is our best seller!”

Emily said that the bakery will have a “young, fun look” and incorporate decorative items like lighting fixtures made from mixing bowls, along with chic, rustic features.

“We are going for bright colors, engaging in-store graphics, and a welcoming atmosphere so you feel like you are visiting a friend,” said Emily. “We have many people visit Pastry Art for more than just the desserts—they come to hang out with us and chat. Baby Bite Bake Shoppe will be the same way.”

Baby Bite Bake Shoppe will be one of those places that you can get a delectable product and enjoy a social visit with our team,” said Emily. “We put a lot of focus on our customer-employee relationships, and we look to guests to inspire the directions that our business takes.”

Photo credit: Baby Bite Bake Shoppe

A sweet treat for the Rocket City!

More than anything, Emily is excited to join the Huntsville community and bring a little bit of sweetness to the town.

“Everyone here has been so uplifting,” said Emily. “We can’t wait to open and invite you into our shop! We will bake up some goodies that are sure to bring a smile to your face. See you soon, Huntsville!”

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C&A Client Spotlight: Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro

Image ©Simply Bloom Photography LLC

Image ©Simply Bloom Photography LLC

Take one unemployed chemist with Celiac disease, add a dash of entrepreneur and sprinkle with ingenuity and you get Alabama’s, first ever, full-service, dedicated gluten free restaurant: Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro.

Brainchild of Dr. Ashley Ramirez and her husband Taylor Ramirez, Mason Dixon got its humble start as a small farmers market bakery business in April of 2013. And the people ate it up, literally.

“We were extremely surprised with just the amount of people that really showed up,” said Taylor Ramirez. “We were selling out. Then, eventually we had the huge request that we open a storefront.”

Which they did in the last weekend of August 2013. But the public still wanted more.

“Within months we had a lot of requests for actually opening up a restaurant.”

Fueled with the outpouring of public support, the couple began their search for the perfect space to call home.

After a thorough search of the area with Crunkleton & Associates, they eventually fell in love with an old former residential home built in the 1930s at 2358 Whitesburg Dr. South, in the medical district.

“All this time we’ve really been looking for that perfect spot. And we’ve always had our eye on this location,” said Taylor. “It was exactly what we were looking for.”

The building has experienced a wide range of past lives, from residential home to most recently functioning as an office building. Not that you could tell anymore.

MasonDixon_03Taylor and Ashley, determined to create the perfect space for their new venue, have completely renovated the building, all while making sure to embrace its historic character and personality.

A reclaimed original door from the building hangs on the wall as artwork, and old windows they discovered inside the interior walls during renovations hang decoratively on display throughout the building. The large wood dining table in their family room, made by SCS Worx, was even created out of reclaimed flowerbeds from the property.

But creating the perfect space for their new bistro wasn’t the only thing this couple is passionate about. As much as they care about the atmosphere of their establishment, their real passion lies within every ingredient of the food they are serving.

“We are firm believers in holistic food, using natural ingredients,” said Taylor. “We try to control everything we possibly can, we make our own flours, all of our recipes are made in house, we cure our own meat, […] we try to stay self contained and do everything we possibly can here.” The couple even plans to grow their own produce and spices on site in the summer in their outdoor event space.

“I think the market is definitely ready for something new, something holistic like we do,” said Taylor.

But things weren’t always so clear back when Taylor and Ashley first opened their doors for business in the spring of 2013.

“It was absolutely terrifying. We had a lot of people telling us that what we were doing was stupid, that it makes no sense. But we believed in what we were doing, and we believed in the community as a whole and we believed that if we provided a quality product, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s gluten free, it doesn’t matter if people see it as healthy per se, people are going to go where you are welcome.”

Since then, they have come a long way in proving the value of what they provide for the community. But the transition from bakery to full-service bistro hasn’t been without its challenges.

MasonDixon_02“It’s frustrating because as a bakery, we were able to identify all our ingredients. We made all our own flour mixes, we didn’t have to worry about that because we got that directly from millers. Now that we’re having to work with distributors or third-party vendors it becomes so much more difficult,” commented Taylor. “We’ve had to really refocus and make sure that our staff is focusing on the ingredients, down to every single item. That’s one of the things that differentiates us from a lot of different restaurants.”

For Taylor and Ashley, they have modeled their restaurant after what they are calling “The Mom Approach.” “A mother only wants to give her children as quality stuff as she possibly can, and that’s how we feel with this restaurant,” stated Taylor.

But this bistro isn’t the end of the line for Mason Dixon. They have some big plans for the future as well.

“Our idea is that this is always going to be our home base, Huntsville and this location.”

“Eventually we plan on continuing to grow our bakery side. We want to expand by the end of 2015 to have a new bakery in Madison and we want to grow to other markets every year. We want to hit Birmingham, Nashville and continue to grow our regional presence.”

“We also have plans to expand our wholesale market, we’re currently wholesaling to five or six different juice bars and want to continue to expand that, and want to get into more grocery stores with our bread line and wholesale our cupcakes.”

“We want to continue this location here to be more than just a dining facility, we want it to be somewhere you can go and relax and dine without having to worry about what’s in your food.”

Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro’s Operating Hours Are:
Monday&Tuesday: 7am – 6pm
(Breakfast 7am-10am, Lunch 11am-2pm)

Wednesday – Friday: 7am-10pm
(Breakfast 7am-10am, Lunch 11am-2pm, Dinner 5pm-10pm)

Saturday: 8am-10pm
(Breakfast 8am-10am, Lunch 11am-2pm, Dinner 5pm-10pm)