Honest Coffee Roasters & Greasy Hands Barbershop to join The Garage At Clinton Row!

Just in case you missed the announcement at the Grand Opening Celebration for The Garage At Clinton Row on Nov 3rd, we are thrilled to announce that Honest Coffee Roasters (based out of Franklin, TN) and Greasy Hands Barbershop (based out of Florence, AL) will be joining the Downtown Huntsville family as a part of The Garage At Clinton Row very soon!

Here’s more about each company:

Greasy Hands Barbershop

Greasy Hands is an appointment-only barbershop specializing in precision men’s haircuts, beard trims & hot towel, straight to razor shaves. Built on the idea that hard work pays off, they are proud to be a shop for the everyman.

Every haircut is finished with a hot lather neck shave, steam towel & cold aftershave. The way it should be. Our straight razor shave preparation is second to none, utilizing all-natural creams, oils & lathers to help your skin be the best it can be. We wear beards; we know beards. Nobody shapes beards as well as we do. Period.

– Greasy Hands

Images © Greasy Hands Barbershop

Honest Coffee Roasters

It all started in the late 1800s, with a man named James and a Grocery named Green’s.

Franklin, Tennessee wasn’t exactly Coffee Town, USA. Quite the contrary. Presidents were traveling to Nashville to drink coffee at the heralded Maxwell House Hotel, while Franklin had nothing but moonshine and marshmallow.

So, James saddled his horse, hitched his buggy (in reverse order of course), and took the 3-day journey up to Nashville in search of coffee.

And coffee he found! But not just coffee. James brought back flour, sugar, rice, and other commodities to stock his humble general store.

Over 100 years later, James’ great-great-grandson has the same dream to bring high quality, ethically sourced, & freshly roasted coffee to Williamson County.

Now this dream is being realized in the form of Honest Coffee Roasters!

Coffee has the ability to influence culture unlike anything else. It drives business, fosters community, and brings people from far and wide to experience something that, when done well, will cause anyone to pause and appreciate life a little more.

Poetic and perfect. These 2 words say a lot. So does our coffee. Sometimes, less is more. Less hands to pass between. Less chances to mess up what God created. Less time in the roaster. Less days before consumption. We like less.

So did Abe. Less oppression. Less division. More equality. More unity.

Abe said to “plant your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” So we do. We don’t source from farmers who can’t support their families. We never will. We can’t always travel to the farms, but we talk face-to-face with the people who do. Integrity matters. That’s why we call ourselves Honest.

-Honest Coffee Roasters

Images © Honest Coffee Roasters

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Huntsville Speaks: Coffee Shop

We’re on round-up number three in response to our call for ideas asking what would inspire you to spend more time downtown?

The last several weeks we’ve been taking a look at some of your most requested additions for downtown including a pub theatre and barcade!  This week in our third and final installment we’re exploring coffee shops!

Octane – Atlanta, GA

First up on our list of swoon worthy coffee shops that would be amazing additions to downtown, is Octane Coffee out of Atlanta Georgia!  A wifi camper’s dream, Octane offers artisan coffee with beans roasted in house, made using French press and pour-over techniques.  But in addition to just great coffee, Octane also offers espresso, cocktails, pastries, and my personal favorites, craft beer and wine.  Cafe by day and smooth cocktail and wine bar by night, this concept ranks pretty high in our books for something we’d love to see downtown.

© Billy Reid

© Billy Reid

Crema – Nashville, TN

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, than you’ve probably heard of Crema.  Focusing on fundamental elements, their highly skilled, ninja-like baristas use small-batch, in-house, roasted beans, precise methods and the best equipment to hand-craft the finest traditional Italian coffee and espresso.   So in short, they really love coffee, and they do it dang well.

Frothy Monkey – Nashville, TN

Next up is Frothy Monkey also hailing from Nashville, TN!  With ample seating, free wifi and a full menu of incredible food in addition to their hand roasted coffee, Frothy Monkey is part neighborhood restaurant and part cafe.

Mercantile – Houston, TX

A twist on the traditional coffee shop, Mercantile is part espresso bar and part specialty grocery store!  Wouldn’t this be a cool addition to downtown Huntsville!?

Merci Used Book Café – Paris, France

Ok so technically this one is just a part of the larger 3 story concept store, Merci, but I love it so much that we’re just going to include it anyway because this is basically my dream come true.  Here you can rendez-vous over a cup of coffee, grab brunch or a quick lunch of a soft-boiled egg or in the afternoon tea-time gourmet scones. You can also take the time to choose a book from the 10,000 books in the library!


NEW ADDITON!! – Battery Park Book Exchange – Asheville, NC

Super excited to add Battery Park Book Exchange to our list by the suggestion of Abby T. Owen!  She mentioned we should check it out and we have fallen in love!  I mean seriously, how could you NOT love the mashup of a used book store, coffee shop and champagne bar!?  I would LOVE to see something like this come to downtown Huntsville, what about you!?

We’ve listed out some of our favorite coffee shop concepts for downtown now, but what are yours?  Did we miss one that you think would be the perfect fit for Huntsville?  Let us know in the comments below!

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