9Round Fitness Is Coming To Twickenham Square!

What takes 30 minutes, changes every day, has no set class times, includes a trainer and let’s you pretend to be an MMA fighter for a solid 30minutes of your daily life?

9Round 30Min Kickbox Fitness.

A 30-minute, full body, kickboxing workout, 9Round is set to open their very first Huntsville location at Twickenham Square this winter.

“What I liked about it is that it is so fast, you are constantly doing something,” said franchisee Steve Bump.

Bump who owns the Anytime Fitness in Hampton Cove with his wife Jodi, was introduced to 9Round by a friend who had joined the franchise’s first Alabama location in Tuscaloosa.

“I go on the website and immediately I think, we need this in Huntsville,” said Bump

The concept is structured around a system of 9 rounds, the workouts at each changing daily, with rotations between rounds every 3 minutes assisted by a green, yellow and red signal light.

“Every three minutes the green light goes off and you begin the round. Two and a half minutes in the yellow light goes off and the trainers yell “30 seconds!” and you just punch it out as much as you can until the red light goes off signaling the end of the round. At that point, the trainer will then yell a transitional exercise (squats, lunges, jumping jacks, burpees, etc.) as you’re moving to the next round, then the green light will go off again and the trainers will yell “next round!” and you’ll start whatever exercise is set up next for you,” explained Bump.

The beauty of the concept? Fast paced guided exercise with no set class times.

One of the biggest reasons people fail to hit the gym in his experience, said Bump, was missed class times. “People see they are a few minutes late for class and then end up deciding to just not go at all. Well, at 9Round, if you miss your 9:00 class, we have a 9:03, and a 9:06, and a 9:09, and a 9:12, because literally every 3 minutes a new rounds starts. With 9Round, whenever you’re ready, you just jump in and start your workout.”

Membership will include not only your gloves, wraps and access to 9Round nutrition with customized meal plans, members will also receive a MyZone heartrate monitor to wear around their chests during workouts.

Similar to a fitbit, the monitor is Bluetooth enabled and allows you to choose a custom fighter name to display on a large screen in the gym which shows your current heart rate, calories burned and the zone you are in so you know if you’re burning fat.

“The cool thing about the monitor is that it’s not just for use at 9Round,” said Bump. “The device can hold up to 10 hours of data and will download to the 9round computer when you come in next. That way you can utilize it for your personal workouts outside the gym as well. There’s even an app you can download to your phone for it.”

For Bump, one of the main selling points on the concept for him was it’s shear affordability. “Even the most expensive monthly membership, the month to month membership, will only be $99/month,” but of course Bump says, there will be special introductory pricing and deals when the gyms opens, and your first workout is always free to try!

For those new to kickboxing, don’t fear, 9Round will have special first timer workouts focusing on basic punching and basic kicking technique. From there says Bump, the intensity of your workout is up to you. “Our goal is to teach people good technique and then let you go at the workout as much as you can. If you’re burning your butt out there, it’s about a 500-600 calorie workout in 30mins. People are busy and our goal is to get you in and out.”

The gym, which currently has plans to open sometime after Christmas will be open from 6am-1:30 and 3:30-8pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday; From 8am-1:30 and 3:30-8pm Tuesday and Thursday and 8am-12pm Saturday.

For more information you can follow 9Round Huntsville on Facebook HERE! Or check out the companies main website HERE.



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EVO Fitness joins Legacy Marketplace!


Crunkleton & Associates is excited to announce that EVO Fitness will be joining Legacy Marketplace in Jones Valley!

Direct from Hollywood California, EVO Fitness offers the hottest fitness craze created by Sebastien Lagree, utilizing his patent-pending Megaformers. The studio incorporates strength training and cardio-intervals to maximize your workout.  Dubbed “Pilates on crack,” the workout combines the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance.  Clients are able to encourage maximum muscle exertion in an exhilarating, yet, low-impact environment.

According to EVO Fitness co-owner Stephanie Scarpa, “Physical fitness is more than being able to run a long distance or lift heavy weights at the gym; or how long you worked out or at what intensity. While these are important measures of fitness, they only address single areas. Where many workouts and exercise regimens work to integrate as many elements as possible, Lagree Fitness™ incorporates cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility; not just in one session but in each and every MOVE.”

Stephanie and her brother/EVO Fitness co-owner Gregory Scarpa commented that they, “are excited that EVO Fitness is the first studio of it’s kind in Alabama. We truly believe in the effectiveness of this Hollywood based workout, and it’s our passion to change lives with it. From clients that are pregnant, overweight, recovering from surgery, have arthritis, or are training athletes, anyone has the ability to do this workout due to its low-impact style. We want to make bodies stronger everyday.”

The studio plans to host their grand opening April 4th from 11am-2pm. They will be offering refreshments, one-on-one conversations with all their staffed trainers and showcasing different exercises on the machines. In addition, they will be holding drawings and raffling off free sessions in addition to various other items.

Then starting the Monday after the grand opening, April 6th-12th, all classes will be FREE. Clients can sign up for these during the grand opening at the studio as well as on their website at: www.evofit-huntsville.com

EVO Fitness is located at: 2785 Cart T Jones Drive, Huntsville Alabama
Be sure to follow them on: Facebook and Intsagram!