Chuck Wagon Texas BBQ Expands To South Huntsville!

Exciting news, Huntsville! After 10 years of success at its Madison location, Chuck Wagon Texas BBQ is set to open a second restaurant in South Huntsville at Redstone Ridge Shopping Center. The soft opening of the new location is tentatively scheduled for January 4, 2018.

The 3,200 square foot space off South Memorial Parkway will offer the eatery’s same signature menu while creating a unique dining experience for both lunch and dinner crowds.

Owner of Chuck Wagon, Stephen Holley, said the barbecue joint has had plans of expanding for years, but wanted to wait until the right time to introduce a second location.

“We are very excited to bring Chuck Wagon’s Texas-style barbecue to the South Huntsville community,” said Stephen. “Over the years, we have had a lot of requests to expand, and now is the perfect time to make it happen. We’ve spent nearly a decade perfecting the quality of our food, service, and overall experience. Our new location will allow us to share our crowd-pleasing menu with a new audience while making visits more convenient for our Huntsville-based clientele.”

The History of Chuck Wagon

“Our restaurant actually began in the 1970s under the name Barbecue Boutique in west Texas,” said Stephen. “My dad, Mike Holley, was working as a petroleum engineer out there at the time. He started cooking on the oil fields and really developed his skills. He always said that after those big guys smelled his food all day, it better taste good.”

Barbecue Boutique was a consistent hit with the engineers. But it wasn’t long before Mike’s career took him to the Rocket City.

“When we moved to Alabama, dad was in the military as a radar specialist,” he said. “We decided to try out our first Chuck Wagon location in Athens where we served food for two years. Then we moved to our current Madison location where we have been in business for nearly a decade.”

During its 10 years as a Madison-favorite, Chuck Wagon has served its signature spread of beef brisket, pulled pork, spicy sausage, pork ribs and chicken to countless local and out-of-town customers. Stephen said the restaurant’s success is due to its focus on creating an excellent product and memorable visit.

“Our style of barbecue has its roots in Texas,” said Stephen. “We work with an offset-style of cooking, versus smoking or grilling over coals. And we serve mostly beef rather than pork. Everything has a Midwest flair to it.”

In addition to its existing menu, Chuck Wagon in South Huntsville will also be introducing a few fried items. But Stephen said he’s most excited about the new jalapeño cornbread.

“Pair it with one of our brisket sandwiches and we guarantee you’ll be in barbecue heaven.”

A Rustic Western Look

Guests at the new location are in for a surprise when they come to dine at Chuck Wagon. The new space has been transformed into an “Old Town” of the West, complete with artwork and details that transport customers to a time of campfires, cattle ranchers, outlaws, and rodeos.

“When you visit, you will actually sit in our custom-built Old Town,” said Stephen. “Everything from the booths to the murals on our wall will be uniquely made.”

The name of the restaurant also has its roots in Western history.

“In the old cattle drives, the chuck wagon would travel a day ahead of the group,” he said. “They would have dinner ready when the ranchers caught up so they’d immediately be able to sit down and have a hot meal. The name fits us perfectly.”

A New Home in South Huntsville

“Right now, we cater to a heavier lunch crowd at our Madison location, and we will continue to do so,” said Stephen. “This additional spot at Redstone Ridge puts us near the arsenal gate, families, and more of our Huntsville customers. We think it will make us available to serve more lunch and dinner crowds.”

Richard Crunkleton, who handled leasing for Chuck Wagon, said the new location is a perfect addition to the South Huntsville shopping center.

“Chuck Wagon has a proven track record of excellence at its Madison location,” explained Richard. “This second restaurant will allow them to deliver their five-star product to a different market in the city. We’ve had a great time working with them on their expansion to Redstone Ridge.”

As for Stephen, he’s ready to serve up some Texas-style grub and can’t wait for the opening.

“Come try us out,” urged Stephen. “We will make sure you have a great experience and some delicious barbecue done right.”

To learn more about Chuck Wagon Texas BBQ, visit or follow them on Facebook.

Have you tried Chuck Wagon’s Texas BBQ before? Let us know in the comments below!

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Amazing Lash Studio Expands To Merchant’s Walk!


Last year, Damon and Missy Carnes were looking to find the next breakout franchise, and it looks like their bet on Amazing Lash Studio is paying off.

Since opening their Madison location of the franchise this past October, in the Heritage Square shopping center on Hwy 72 W, the studio has been fully booked almost every day.

The franchise, which has more than 60 studios so far – with plans for 100 more by the end of 2016, offers eyelash extensions at a price point and quality that has not been available previously.

“The beauty of the concept is that it takes something that is normally very expensive, that people treat themselves to because it’s something they really love, and it brings it to a price point where they can get it all the time,” Carnes told us back in 2015.

Now, recent franchisee Gina Thurman is hoping the same bet will pay off for her in Huntsville with her new Amazing Lash location at the Whole Foods anchored shopping center, Merchant’s Walk.

“I can’t wait to bring Amazing Lash Studio to Huntsville,” said Gina.  “The thing I love most about the concept is that we’re able to offer custom eyelash extensions to fit each individual person’s preferences, and that it’s all done while you relax in your own private suite.  You can’t get that anywhere else.”

The store plans to hold its grand opening in the early fall of this year and will be located on the first floor of the center next to Farm Burger, Maki Fresh and ENVY Boutique.


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Portrait Of A City: Huntsville AL

During my time here at Crunkleton I’ve had the good fortune to be involved in a lot of exciting projects, but the one that has meant the most to me by far, has been having the opportunity to document the spirit of Huntsville itself.

Old and new, the past and present walking hand in hand as the city grows, changes and evolves, it fills me with so much joy to discover hidden details, record fleeting moments and capture the spirit of our beautiful and unique city.

Below are just a small selection of the images I’ve taken over the last year, telling the story of our city one photograph at a time.

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If you too want to add to our ongoing project, simply use the hashtag #ThisIsMyHsv on your Instagram post to share what you love about our beautiful city!

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Take a Hike, Huntsville: Trails To Explore In Your Own Backyard


© Tom Woodward

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken and spring is on it’s way!

With all that beautiful spring weather just around the corner, we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy all of the amazing hiking, biking and walking paths Huntsville has to offer!

And we’re not the only ones, even national retailer and outdoor guru REI is excited about enjoying Huntsville’s plethora of trails this spring! In an article titled “5 DESTINATIONS TO GET YOU PSYCHED FOR SPRING HIKING” REI blogger Derek Hamilton lists Huntsville, Alabama among Boulder, Colorado; The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona; Point Reyes National Seashore, Califorina; and The Great Smokey Mountain National Park in North Carolina as their top five destinations to get out and go hiking this spring!

So if you’re looking to take their recommendation and explore a little more of your own backyard this spring, we’ve taken a moment to step away from our usual commercial real estate blogging and put together a list of some of the best hiking trips in and around the Huntsville Area! Hopefully one of these will inspire you to spend a little time discovering all the amazing outdoor opportunities Huntsville has to offer!

Natural Wells Trail



Length Of Hike: Approx 3.5 Miles if you start at the picnic area, descend the McKay Hollow Trail, then take the Natural Well Trail to the well itself.  Then turn around and return back up the Natural well trail, veer left onto the Arrowhead trail for a time, then follow the McKay Hollow Trail back to where you started.
Difficulty: Moderate – Extremely Difficult
Highlights: A deep cavernous natural well over 200 ft deep.
Location: Click Here
Maps & Information: Click Here

A natural pit cave, Natural well has an initial drop of around 200 feet!  A safety fence is in place around the cave, but be sure to stay at a safe distance.  This trail takes in some of the best routes on Monte Sano, featuring some amazing natural rock formations but hikers should be aware that the trail descends about 800 feet and then ascends another 600 feet with lots of ups and downs each way, so be sure to wear a sturdy pair of boots when tackling this trail!

Three Caves


© Larry Wilbourn

Length Of Hike: .26 Mile Loop (or a 4.46 Mile hike if you start Downtown)
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: Three large “Caves”.
Location: Click Here
Maps & Information: Click Here

A former limestone quarry, and not really caves at all, the trailhead for the Three Caves loop is only a short 2.1 mile walk from Big Spring Park in Downtown Huntsville.  Once at the “Caves” visitors can enjoy a walk around the top, take a sneak peek inside the “caves” from the opening (the interior of the old quarry has been closed since 2007) or have the opportunities to extend their hike by exploring the other connecting trails in the area.

Be sure to stay up to date with all the amazing summer concerts that are held here as well by CLICKING HERE!

Stone Cuts Trail


© Rob Getman

Length Of Hike: Approx 4.4 miles if you start at the main Monte Sano trailhead, follow the North Plateau Loop, Then the Sinks Trail to the Stone Cuts Trail, and taking the Sinks Trail and North Plateau Loop back again.
Difficulty: Difficult
Highlights: Passage ways through natural rock cuts and formations
Location: Click Here
Maps & Information: Click Here

This trail is just fun.  Filled with some difficult terrain, beautiful rock formations, and scenic views, you’ll want a sturdy pair of hiking boots to tackle this challenging trail!

Fire Tower Trail


©Nina Helmer

If you want to locate the tea house on your hike for a picnic, you're looking for this symbol on the linked map.

If you want to locate the tea house on your hike, you’re looking for this symbol on the linked map.

Length Of Hike: Approx 2.8 Miles Round Trip (and only about .25 miles or less if you go straight the picnic spot)
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: The best picnic spot in Huntsville
Location: Click Here
Maps & Information: Click Here

As you can see from just the few we have mentioned in this post, Monte Sano State Park has dozens of beautiful trails ranging from the extreme to the easy to explore.  One trail we particularly enjoy on day’s when we’re looking to have an easy hike, and a nice relaxing picnic, is the Fire Tower Trail.  With it’s hidden Japanese tea house making the perfect spot to stop and spend a lazy day enjoying nature.

Green Mountain Nature Trail


Length Of Hike: 1.5 Mile Loop
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: Rustic covered bridge, picnicking spots and walking trails on a lake.
Location: Click Here
Maps & Information: Click Here

With a 17 acre lake acting as a wild duck refuge,  72 acres of plant and wildlife sanctuary for nature study, and fishing (for children & seniors), in addition to hiking trails and picnic spots,  The Madison County Nature Trail provides a great family friendly day outdoors.

Stephen’s Gap


© Monongahela Grotto

Length Of Hike: 2.4 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult
Highlights: Majestic waterfall from a sinkhole in a cave.
Location: Click Here
Maps & Information: Click Here

Only 30 minutes away from the center of Huntsville, Stephens Gap offers a short hike with a big pay off.  No special gear is need to enter the cave, however hikers should be aware that the rocks inside the cave may be slippery, be sure to wear good hiking shoes and take care where you step, then take a moment to enjoy the view.  Hikers must obtain a permit to visit  the site! Click Here to find information on everything you need to know in order to gain a permit.

The Walls of Jericho


© Jeffrey Carroll

Length Of Hike: Approx 7.7 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Highlights: Waterfalls and swimming holes.
Location: Click Here
Maps & Information: Click Here & Here

Located about an hour outside of Huntsville near Estillfork, AL, The Walls of Jericho is a 750-acre natural area that is within the 8,943-acre Bear Hollow Mountain Wildlife Management Area.  The “Walls” are an impressive geological feature that forms a large bowl shaped amphitheater and embedded in the limestone.  Filled with beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes this is a tough hike with lots of rewards!

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