Everything You Need To Know About Earth And Stone Wood Fired Pizza’s Madison Location

On March 17, Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza shared some wonderful news with its fans—“We signed the lease yesterday on our new location! Very excited to be opening in Madison. We are projected to open our doors by mid-May!”

That’s right, Madison! You are about to have delicious, farm-to-table pizza right in your backyard. While most of Huntsville is already a fan of the restaurant’s Yellowhammer location, Stan Stinson and Tina Ford—co-owners and founders of Earth and Stone—have committed to expanding the business to Medical Park Station in Madison.

The Location

Situated off of busy Highway 72, the new Earth and Stone location immediately caught the eyes of Stan and Tina.

“We have a really good following in Madison because we spent several years building our brand there. This new location was very serendipitous,” said Stan. “It’s a former pizza place, so we were able to get a restaurant going without all the expense of a start-up.”

Stan said that business partner Tina Ford will handle the day-to-day operation of the Madison location while he maintains the restaurant at Campus 805.

“Tina will bring a group of trained folks from our current location and we will grow from there,” said Stan. “We plan to flip-flop back and forth between locations so we can both be involved in maintaining the customer experience.” In addition to experience, the Madison location will have the same menu offerings that are available at Campus 805.

The Menu

“We want our Madison customers to enjoy everything that we have available at our Yellowhammer location,” said Stan. “So, our menu will be duplicated.”

The restaurant will also have 4-6 beers on draft and will serve a selection of craft beers, wine, and ice cream (including their adult ice cream flavors). As for the pizza, all of the fan favorites will be there.

But where did the team come up with the flavors and offerings that customers have come to know and love over the years? According to Stan, it all comes down to experimentation.

“The Latham—for example—has a really cool story behind it,” said Stan. “A few years ago, we were at Latham Farmers Market. Every year, the Methodist Church has a food drive where northern Alabama farmers donate sweet potatoes.”

On that particular day, the church had received a large shipment of donated sweet potatoes, and Stan was tasked with coming up with a clever way to use them. As a fan of starchy sweet potatoes cooked with caramelized onions, Stan knew he was up to the challenge of creating something delicious and unique.

Image courtesy of Earth and Stone

“At Latham’s, we were usually set up next to Humble Heart Farms: Goat Cheese,” said Stan. “We had the arrangement to trade our pizza for their goat cheese. Suddenly, it clicked. I could create a pizza with all of the ingredients together.”

And so, The Latham was born. Stan credits the success of the pizza inventions to quality ingredients and research.

The Earth and Stone Difference

When it comes to being a dedicated foodie, Stan goes the extra mile. From the moment Earth and Stone became a concept, the team started researching best practices for making dough and even gave away pizza to willing taste testers until they discovered the perfect recipe.

“Right after we bought our first wood fire oven, we spent two months perfecting our dough recipe,” said Stan. “After giving away nearly 1,000 pizzas, we think we have it just right. We believe Madison will see a difference in the quality we offer.”

All of Earth and Stone’s pizzas cook in two minutes flat and use flour from Italy that can withstand 900 degrees. This commitment to excellence creates a noticeable difference.

“You’ll see black spots on our dough that develop flavor; you’ll see browning and blistering,” said Stan. “We aren’t a pizza chain. We are in this to be a unique offering to the market.”

(Speaking of unique, Earth and Stone’s adult ice cream selection is growing in popularity. The restaurant’s house-made ice cream comes in flavors like Bourbon Butter Pecan and Tequila Sunrise!)

The Future

What started as one of Huntsville’s first food trucks has become a sensation that the Rocket City can’t seem to get enough of. So much so, that Earth and Stone has been approached about adding more locations outside of the Huntsville-Madison area. But for Stan and Tina, customer experience comes before anything else, which plays a huge factor in any future plans.

“We want our customers to have the same experience wherever they eat our product,” said Stan. “It’s our customers that allowed us to grow, and that’s why we will always stay heavily involved with the daily operations of Earth and Stone. It’s because of them we are successful. And we can’t wait to connect with our fans in Madison. We will see you soon!”

Be sure to follow Earth and Stone on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Domino’s Takes A Slice Out Of Southwest Huntsville


Arsenal workers and Southwest Huntsville dwellers rejoice, because Domino’s is about to make mealtime just a bit easier for you.

With construction already underway just outside of Gate 7, at the intersection of Martin Rd SW and Zierdt Rd, Madison County owned and operated Valley Pizza, Inc. plans to open their 18th Huntsville area restaurant later this year, just in time for the holiday season.

With over 2,333 SF of space featuring a drive-thru and large outdoor dining patio, the store hopes to service not only those individuals working on and commuting to and from Redstone Arsenal every day, but also the growing number of residential communities in the area.

The development will also feature 2,598 SF of additional retail space, the tenants for which will be announced over the coming months.

For more information about Domino’s Pizza visit: www.dominos.com

For more information about leasing one of the remaining retail spaces in the development, contact Zac Buckely with Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate Group at 256-536-8809.


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CRUNKLETON Commercial Real EState Group

N Season Brings Fresh Local Inspired Pizza To South Huntsville

13502533_206510736410091_6558944335517415966_oIf you’re looking for the best pizza available in Huntsville, maybe even in the South, G. Todd Daniel, owner of The Wine Rack, believes his new pizza venture, N Season Gourmet Pizzas will fit the bill.

Quite literally a dream come true, G. Todd explained that “the idea for N Season originally came about in 1992. I came up with the marketing plan for the restaurant and named it N Season. However at the last moment, our funding fell through.” So the project was placed onto the back burner.

But now, after 35 years in the food and beverage industry, having worked as a professional caterer, the Food and Beverage Director of The Ledges, the General Manager of Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and having owned and operated his own local wine shop, The Wine Rack, G. Todd has finally found the opportunity to open his first restaurant. “Food and beverage has been in my blood my whole life. It’s all I’ve ever done. Even though I got my degree in computer information systems!” he laughed.

The name, N Season Gourmet Pizzas, is derived from G. Todd’s passion for using the best local produce available. Having cultivated connections with local farmers through his wife’s work at the local food bank, he feels that N Season’s focus on using the best local and fresh ingredients available is what will set his pizza apart. “I have the best flour, mozzarella, sauce, and meats available on the market. People really notice the difference. When you get the pizza in your mouth, you actually want to eat the crust. I’ve gotten so many compliments from people saying this is the best pizza they have ever had. When you use the right ingredients it’s just so different,” he said.

And for those looking to sit back and relax while eating their pizza, N Season’s sister store, The Wine Rack (located just a few steps down from N Season), is inviting customers to bring their pizza over and dine in their wine tasting room. A relaxing atmosphere that welcomes customers to sip wine and draught beer along with their pizza. “I like to pair our Trip to NY City Pizza with my Super Tuscan wine,” said G.Todd. “We’ve got a NY great pizza that really showcases what NY is all about on their pizza, and I’ve got a great super Tuscan, it pairs great with pizza.”

With a large selection of creative specialty pizzas, N Season plans to have a rotating pizza of the month and a pizza of the week. “The pizza of the month right now is a reuben pizza,” G Todd explained. “We make the crust out of rye dough and then top it with corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and a bit of caraway seed.” And if that isn’t bold enough for you, the store has plans to feature wilder pizzas as well, such as their shrimp and tequila pizza and their duck and polenta pizza.

Now open from 5pm – 9pm, Monday through Saturday, N Season will soon expand it’s menu and hours in July to 11am – 9pm Monday through Saturday and introduce sandwiches and salads to their offerings as well.  Located at 11700 Memorial Pkwy #H Huntsville, AL, N Season is available for pick-up or delivery all the way up to Airport Road and all the way down to the river.

You can find more information and view their complete menu by visiting nseasongourmetpizzas.com. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates on their monthly and weekly specials, as well as any special events, such as wine pairings.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.36.37 PM

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Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Comes To Madison


Crunkleton & Associates is excited to announce that Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint will be joining the Cornerstone Place development in Madison on Highway 72 West and Wall Triana Highway in the spring of 2016!

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint was created by Matt Andrews, one of the founders of Atlanta-based Moe’s Southwest Grill, when he began to wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone done pizza like the Moe’s model?”

The idea of a custom made meal wasn’t new, Subway had done it with the sandwich for years, places like Moe’s and Chipotle had brought the model to Mexican food, and you can now even customize your coffee order at shops like Starbucks, “but we hadn’t see that in pizza,” he said.

Andrews was then suddenly struck by the idea to combine, “the fun of Moe’s with the fresh, made-from-scratch ingredients of Chipotle,” he said.

Put all this together along with a nickname given to Andrews by his brother as a kid and “Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint” was born.

Stick Figures in lineA fast, casual restaurant, Uncle Maddio’s makes every pie right in front of the customer utilizing the highest-quality ingredients, “You tell us: a little more of this, a little less of that,” says Uncle Maddio’s website.

Customers pick their own crust and cheese, go down the line and choose their toppings and then, with this the assistance of modern fast-bake ovens, orders are ready in only 6 minutes!

With 48 toppings, 6 sauces, 27 vegetables, 15 meats, gluten-free crusts, hormone-free chicken, vegan cheeses, organic greens, local beers on tap and locally-produced vegetables, Uncle Maddio’s has something for everyone.

“We’re a family-friendly restaurant,” said Madison franchisee John Howard. “And in any family, at least I know this is the case with mine, we have very different tastes and we want to have something for everybody and we want to have healthy options as well.”

uncle-maddios-pizzajpg-efc066edf8a13617Howard first discovered Uncle Maddios in his hometown of Atlanta where the chain was born. “It just felt like the concept was well thought out and well executed and had a good, experienced team behind it that understood and knew how to build and grow a fast casual brand,” he said. “Maddio’s really put a strong emphasis on just having really good food and also having healthy options available, and then in addition we liked the fact that we could serve beer and wine, because whenever you have pizza you know you always want to have a beer.”

After falling in love with the brand, Howard and his wife Joy set their eyes on the Huntsville/Madison market. “My wife is from Cullman,” said Howard “and we had always talked about wanting to get back up to north Alabama.”

Howard says that the Madison location on Hwy 70 West is just the starting point for them in Huntsville, “we want to continue to grow the brand in other parts of the area as well.” This includes plans to open two additional Uncle Maddio’s locations in the area over the next four years.

“One of the big motto’s at Uncle Maddio’s is Serve with Love,” said Howard. “We want everyone to feel that love and to feel welcome and to enjoy the atmosphere we think is special at Maddio’s.”

The 2,597SF Madison location at Cornerstone Place is scheduled to open in March of 2016.

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